Felipe's Sound Search Home Edition

Scientifically valid and designed to delight and teach children in preschool through grade 2, Felipe's Sound Search is focused on the mastery of the reading objectives listed below and includes a test and report section to help chart your child's progress.
  • phonemic awareness
  • phonics
  • fluency
  • vocabulary development
  • comprehension
  • literary appreciation
  • critical and creative thinking skills

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Product Details:
  • Set contains 5 CD�s. 

  • Five whimsical stories or poems that use interactive phonics, rhyme, and sight words to build a child's reading vocabulary. Each story or poem has three interactive modes: narrative, spelling, and word.

  • Interactive alphabet strip with pictures and music.

  • Engaging activities with over 400 vocabulary words.

  • Printable progress chart that records the student's activity scores.

  • Printable alphabet book, flash cards, and reading comprehension activities.

  • Printable report that captures activity scores for parents to chart progress.

  • A test that measures a child�s mastery of objectives correlated to the standards set by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and the International Reading Association (IRA).
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