Pilot Testing: 

Cosmos Literacy's Sound and Sense program is based on scientific research and integrates reading curriculum with stories, characters, and engaging interactivity. This paradigm creates a positive relationship between the child and the program to ensure that children use the program until complete mastery of outcomes/objectives is attained. In fact, we have found that the program is so much fun that children well on their way to mastery continue to play the educational activities.

Teachers enjoy having our program in the classroom, not only because the pedagogical strategies are built in but also because it is intuitively easy and fun to use. We know how busy teachers are with the tremendous job of caring for each individual child, so we've made it very simple for them to log in each child and gain further understanding of their studentsí performance and mastery of outcomes. 

Administrators will find our program helpful for determining and reporting children's progress in phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary development, and reading comprehension and against Head Start outcomes. 

Currently, Sound and Sense is piloting at several elementary schools and Head Start programs. While specific details of a pilot evaluation would require discussion and agreement, what follows provides a general idea of the methodology and analysis. A collaborative evaluation would focus first and foremost on student outcomes; specifically, increases in the student reading abilities. We would also include qualitative measures to compliment the achievement-oriented data. This is based on our strong belief that learning is multi-dimensional, and not isolated to selected response assessments. The evaluation would likely include the following activities and data collection tasks: 

Methodology, Analysis, and Reporting of Results: 

Pre- and PostTesting 
Before the pilot begins, we would conduct a simple, criterion-referenced pretest. A posttest would be administered at the end of the pilot test. We would be interested in your perspectives about assessment and the preferred instruments used in Head Start programs.

Program Usage Statistics
Using Cosmosí built-in reporting and assessment features, we will track children's usage along with their activity and test scores. 

Center Visit and Observation 
In order to understand and accurately describe the quantitative results achieved, it is important that we develop an understanding of the study participants, the center environment, and the instructional strategies employed. The site visit component provides the opportunity to contextualize the results and help us improve usability of our product in the classroom. 

Student and Teacher Reflection
Interviews with children, teachers, and administrators will solicit each participantís satisfaction with the program, their experiences using the software, and their suggestions for improvement. 

Pilot Debrief
At the end of the pilot, we will come together to present pilot findings in detail and discuss opportunities to optimize the program and its use in Head Start programs. We can also produce reports that detail student performance on the pretest, the activities, and the post-test with their gain score and progress delineated. Final analysis and reporting of the results will be posted online as soon as they become available.


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